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Zeiss Contaflex 35 TLR (860/24)

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One of the greatest engineer's cameras ever built. Launched in 1935, it had the first built-in CdS exposure meter, the first chrome finish and the first interchangeable lenses on a TLR. An engineering triumph for Zeiss, but heavy and rather unwieldy to use in practice. The viewing screen accommodates views for a range of lenses (below), with concentric frames for them. The shutter is a metal slat focal plane one. The hinged magnifying glass is essential to focus with. The layout is landscape by defaul - portrait is a painful sideways exercise, more complicated by the image being upside down!. The Contaflex TLR sold in the UK for about the price of a small car. The numbers sold were, unsurprisingly, quite small. A contemporary article from Amateur Photographer and Cinematographer is below.
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