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Elmo Co. Elmoflexes

Almost a rhyming couplet with the preceding camera (Elbowflex)
... According to McKeown, Elmo was founded by a Mr Sakaki in 1921, as Sakaki Shokai, chiefly focusing on movie equipment. between 1938 and 1955, they produced several different Elmoflex TLRs. The later models (Elmoflex III and IV) were well-specified, boasting Olympus Zuiko lenses and Seikosha Rapid shutters.

Elmo Elmoflex (II?)

This camera is an earlier model which doesn't exactly fit any of the variants in McKeown or Sugiyama. It seems to fall somewhere between the listed Elmoflex I of 1943 and the IIIB of 1949, with the lens used in the Elmoflex Junior of 1947. It has the nameplate used on the IIIB, but the shutter of the I. Perhaps it is the model II, which is missing from both reference works?

Taking lens is Lausar 75mm f3.5
Shutter is NKS 1 to 1/200

Elmoflex IIIF

This is one of the later models; only the IV is shown as later in Sugiyama. It's a nicely-specified camera with a very good lens and shutter set.

Taking lens is Olympus Zuiko 75mm f3.5
Shutter is Seikosha Rapid 1 to 1/500