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Firstflex - undocumented late model

see the further pictures and commentary below these two photos of my camera.

Shortly after writing my Tokiwa/First Camera history in late 2006, I came across another variant Firstflex
on a Japanese auction site. Pictures of it and its case are below. As far as I can see, it is exactly the same
as mine, with a Tokiwa "Tokinon" lens, and except for a differing nameplate design. What is interesting, however,
is that this late camera's case has the old prewar-style "First" logo on the front, as you'll see.

I believe this is a further proof that, whatever the corporate history, Tokiwa and "First Camera Co." - if the
latter ever really existed beyond a logo and some cataloguers' imaginations - are inextricably interlinked, as
a postwar spinoff from Kuribayashi, which went its own way with the Petri product line.