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Tokiwa Firstflex I

See below for pictures of several unusual variants, including a rebadged model - the "Kenflex".

The picture below is one sent to me by Terry Hardy of an unusually well-specified early Firstflex,
with the Albda finder sometimes found on the model II, as well as a 1/500 MSK - Rapid shutter. and a
strange self timing device. I think this is an up-specced variant of the model I. Noite the very odd
latch style for the base/back.

Below is a picture of the Kenflex rebadged version of the Firstflex I, about which I know
nothing, although it's origins are obvious.

And here's a Firstflex with wholly different frontal and hood design and a different badge
style, similar to the Kenflex one. Sugiyama designates this as the "Popular" Firstflex PIII
- late in the geared-lens model sequence.