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Other Japanese 120 (6x6) TLRs

This page and its linked sub-pages change more often than any other, because there are so many variant Japanese TLRs, and I'm always buying new ones.  The structure I use here is that each identified manufacturer (or if the manufacturer is unknown, then each separate camera/name group) is linked from here, and has a separate subpage dealing with it/them.  The links below (click the camera icons), take you to the separate pages involved, including a first - general background - page about the Japanese TLR industry and sources

If you know more about anything of importance which I haven't covered in these pages, please EMAIL ME and I'll publish it here and credit you!

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Japanese TLR Cameras - background and history

Alfa Optical Co. (Cosmoflex) 

Biko-Do Manufacturing (Superflex)

Dai-ichi  (Zenobiaflex)

Dorimaflex (at least three possible manufacturers for this!) 

Doris Camera Co (Dorisflex)

Elbow Camera co. (Elbowflex)

Elmo Co. (Elmoflexes) 

Fuji (Fujiko) Lyraflex

Fujita Optical Co (Fujitaflexes)

Hachiyo (Alpenflexes)

Halma (Halma Flex and Prinz Flex)

Isokawa (Isocaflex)

Kowa (Kalloflex - also my Kowa Six SLR)

Kanto (Amiflex)

Kigawa (Graceflex)

Konica (Koniflex & Koni-Omegaflex)

Lauterflex (maker unknown)

Lustre Optical (LustreFlex & Echoflex) 

Nippon Koken/Nihon Optical (Nikkoflex/Nikkenflex) 

Nitto Photo Supply (Elegaflexes)

OMS/Osiro (Marioflex & Osiroflex)

Otowa Optical Co (Middl Flex) 

Prince Camera Co. (Prince Junior)

Seibi-do (Rollekonter) 

Soligor/AIC (Soligor Reflex & Semi-Auto)

Yamato Koki (Rippaflex)