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For a brief moment, I have been the proud possessor of my very own "Googlewhack" - a search on Google which produces only one result worldwide. At the time of my writing this, there is no reference anywhere on the Web to the Lauterflex, making it probably the rarest camera I possess! It's just a great pity that it's such a scruffy one at the moment. I shall have to undertake a comprehensive refurbishment soon.

Since I have found no reference to the Lauterflex in any reference source, I have looked for similarities to other models. It has a superficial similarity to both the Crystarflex and to early Beautyflex models. However, the lens is different from those of either, being the widely used
Tri-Lausar. At this stage (until someone tells me otherwise) I'm working on the belief that the Lauterflex was probably built in tiny quantities by a very small independent manufacturer copying others' designs and buying parts off-the-shelf.